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A Festival of Newness
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Arnaud Desjardins
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"It is true that it is essential to acquire real power over oneself. You cannot tolerate to go on indefinitely, year after year, being the plaything of your thoughts and impulses, going around in circles within the same mechanisms, the same childishness and the same weakness."

Arnaud Desjardins


"A Festival of Newness" is a 20-DVD set of talks and dialogues by Arnaud Desjardins that were presented and recorded during a ten-day retreat in the United States in October, 2007. These teachings are a historical record of the clarity, skillful means, and presence of one of the great masters of our time. The package contains 20 DVDs that are available in either NTSC or PAL format (please make your selection at checkout), and each DVD has a running time of 80-90 minutes. The DVDs are accompanied by a booklet featuring the table of contents for each disc and a glossary of more than 100 terms used with great precision by Arnaud and Swami Prajnanpad.

Why 20 DVD'S?

While Arnaud adresses many different and useful subjects in each of his 20 teachings, without experiencing how each chapter builds on the previous ones, just like reading a book, we will not receive the complete teaching in a way that is ultimately life changing. Every talk is captivating and engaging. We are confident that each one will hold your undivided attention.

Table of Contents for each of the 20 DVDs

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